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When I came to Dr. Hyde, I had been in pain for over twenty years. After seeing Chiropractors up to 3 times a week and yet found myself still in pain and not holding my adjustments.

After the first treatment by Dr. Hyde, the neck pain was gone! No more tight traps and now for the first time in years, I have full range of motion! there is also an improvement in the neuropathy and lower back pain. I feel like my outlook, emotions and brain clarity have improved as well.I have been a patient for two months now. My friends and family are also seeing tremendous results.

I would encourage anyone with pain to see for your self, this treatment works

- Cheryl

I started seeing Dr. Hyde one week after I moved from a very small town in IN.  I was introduced to him through a dear friend.  Little did I know how much Dr. Hyde would not only improve, my constant daily aches and pains of fibromyalgia, but he helped me through what I would have thought to be an impossible time , especially at my age, to move 3 times in 3 months in a state like Fl. All by myself!  I not only achieved that goal but far surpassed it by finding a fabulous apartment, AND…..Wait for it…….Wait for it… FEELING the BEST I have ever felt in my ENTIRE LIFE !  Ever since my VERY 1st Appointment with Dr. Jacob Hyde, I have felt ALIVE ! He literally LIT MY PILOT LIGHT FROM WITHIN MY SOUL !!  After getting off the table I felt like I could fly!  I felt EUPHORIC!! The best I ever felt being sober in my life

Nothing has healed me inside and out like my repeated visits with Dr. Hyde.

I would recommend one and all at least give it a try!  It is so worth the time, the money, and the effort!  I have seen this technique improve the lives, mentally and physically, for anyone that has gone for the new experience.

So, in a nutshell do I recommend you get an appointment with Dr. Jacob Hyde ?  YES ! YES! YES!  Run don’t walk and start healing YOUR life from within today!  It can be the First Day of the Best of Your Life like it was for ME!

- Brenda