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A good internal body cleanse is a powerful detoxification procedure that naturally eliminates the toxins that build up in our bodies overtime. Most of us are pretty good about keeping up with regular maintenance on our cars or doing periodic deep cleans of our homes, yet we don’t always think to give our bodies a thorough cleaning. Perhaps that’s because cleaning our bodies is not as easy as dropping the car off at the mechanic shop, but it can be much easier than you think. Or perhaps it’s because we know that our bodies have automatic systems in place to clean out toxic buildup via our liver, kidneys, blood, and bowels, so why should be spend the time and money doing something our body already does? That’s a good question. The answer has to do with your overall toxic burden. While it’s true that a healthy human body is an efficient waste elimination machine, we are living in an unprecedented time of toxic exposure. None of our ancestors experienced this level of toxins and pollutants, except maybe for those reading this who live on a remote island with a fresh water source, where you control all of your food sources, clothes, cosmetics, and household products. In that case, you’re probably fine.

There are different types of cleanses focusing on different systems of the body, but today we are going to focus on the colon. Research has shown that many of the diseases plaguing the modern man begin in the colon over many years of neglect and toxin build up. For those of us not worried about disease, a natural colon cleanse has shown to increase energy levels, achieve ideal body weight, and eliminate bloating and constipation.

Our bodies do their best to maintain a natural state of balance, called homeostasis. Anxiety, lack of rest, lack of exercise, excessive chemical exposure and an unhealthy diet disrupts this balance. A “modern diet” consisting of over cooked, over processed, high sugar and highly modified foods can lead to a wide arrangement of health problems. If toxins are not quickly eliminated from the body, they will be broken down and stored throughout the body. As these toxin levels accumulate, health concerns such as headaches, lethargy, brain fog, allergies, weight gain and body odor can occur.

By starting a colon cleanse you will begin the healing process immediately, but not everyone will feel like it. Everyone responds differently based on their current state of health. One thing is for certain and that is by the end of it, you will feel rejuvenated. Almost everyone reports more energy and healthier looking skin.

In the end, your body is your own responsibility. Learn to be good stewards. Educate yourself on healthy habits. The quality of life you experience from a well-balanced body is worth the effort.

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