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Affirmations are anything that you say or think. They can be positive or negative. Reflect for a moment about that voice in your head. The voice that tells you what to do, who you are, what you should have done, that reminds you of your failings or your strengths, that tells you to give up or keep going. Honestly think for a second and ask yourself, “If that voice was a person in my life, would they be a friend or an annoyance or maybe a little bit of both?” I suspect a little bit of both. Keep in mind, that self-talk is an accumulation of past experiences, traumas, successes, hurts, fears and heartache. So don’t be hard on yourself if the voice hasn’t been a positive influence up till this point. It isn’t entirely your fault. The good news is that you can turn that around today. You can choose to begin taking action on changing the character of that little voice in your head.

Reinforcing positive affirmations is a skill. Much like it takes practice to learn the piano before you can play without thinking about it, you must reinforce the neural pathways to make positive affirmations second nature. To do this, you must form the habit of practicing positive self-talk. I encourage my patients to pick a routine that works best for them. My routine is to gradually warm up to my daily affirmation with gratitude. As soon as my alarm goes off I begin to think of things I’m grateful for and I continue to do that as I go about my morning routine. I consider this a sort of positive thinking warm up. Once I’m fully awake I say aloud and with enthusiasm my daily affirmation. Here it is, below. Go ahead and say it out loud.

Today is a great day and have the opportunity

to show up as the best me ever!

My life is a HUGE success!

My beliefs create my reality.

I think big thoughts, relish small pleasures

and handle all things gracefully.

I am deeply grateful for all I create and receive.

My life is now in total balance and


Did you say it? If you did, how did you feel saying it? Did you believe yourself? Like any skill, it takes repetition to fully pay off. I encourage you to say this affirmation every day for a week and see if you notice any positive benefits. What are the benefits? Well, for me the benefits are that eventually you will change your belief patterns. If I start every day in fear and dread of my career, relationships, health and finances then my behavior and decisions will reflect those beliefs, I will attract more of that negativity in my life, and my fear based physiology will drain me of precious energy to the point where I wake up exhausted and go to bed exhausted, adding to the dread of the next day. However, if I begin to believe that today is a great day and I view it as an opportunity for self-improvement, if I believe that I handle setbacks gracefully, and I believe that my life is in balance, then I may begin to see those things manifest in my life.

Copy this affirmation, print it, and keep it somewhere visible. Say it every day and let me know how it affects your life.

In health and service,

Dr. Hyde